It's time to invest in design.  The ROI is redonkulous.


I'm guessing you're here because you need a new logo, brand identity, or website design. Either that or you're stalking me because you have a big, fat, crush.

I'll assume you're here to find a trustworthy "creative-type" to help you grow your business, if not, please leave me alone. Now that we've cleared that up, let me show you around.

I'm Ephraim Joseph, the-entrepreneur's-designer, here you'll find my design case studies, studio information, and journal. My main goal is to help you grow your business through the power of smart design and copywriting.

As you may already know, people are much more likely to trust and buy from you if your branding and website are legit. That's why your design investment is a very important one. Many innovative companies (large and small) have trusted me with their design investment over the last 12+ years, and for that, I'm very blessed.

Helping an entrepreneur realize their dreams is a great joy of mine. Not only do I get to help them express their brand and mission to the world but I learn from them, their industry, and most importantly, their audience–the people they serve. You see, that's my favorite part of the job. Learning about each other, connecting, and serving, to make our world (wide web) a better place, one well-designed website at a time.   


Nice words from nice folks.


Ephraim's proven his valuable design talent repeatedly as we've collaborated on various projects. His expertise in branding has been key to the success of our team projects. I highly recommend his services to anyone in need of a great brand identity.


James Carleton  /  UX Designer at PayPal


Ephraim is hands down one of the most hard working designers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He's thoughtful and asks all the right questions around marketing strategy and messaging before he even opens up his laptop. He has a great sense of business and because of that he understands how to invest his time and energy on the things that would drive the most ROI. His design sense is spoken for. Simple, clean and clever. 

Terry Guerrero  /  Creative Producer at Netflix


When we work together on creating marketing concepts, Ephraim always offers a variety of great ideas to share, but he doesn’t hesitate to collaborate and expand on his concepts as well. I know that he takes great care and pride in his work, which definitely shows in the end product.

Erika Barnes  /  Head of Product Expansion at Amazon (Make On Demand)


Ephraim has been a treasure to work with. His expertise in design is unmatched by anyone in the field. His attention to detail with creating mockups not only for the web but also for print and email campaigns is stunning. He is relentless about pixel-perfection!

Eric Ritchey  /  Sr. Application Engineer at Tesla Motors