73 Baby!



I've been following the Golden State Warriors since I first got into the sport of basketball about 20 years ago, right around the time Kobe got drafted. I immediately got drawn to his style of play, confidence, showmanship, and finely-tuned skills. But ... I fell in love with the home team. 

The Dubs.

They were horrible and hopeless out there on the basketball court but my best friend, Nahira, and I supported them and always saw the silver lining at the end of each miserable season. We would get excited during the off seasons and studied all the trade rumors, saying ... "next year, we'll make the playoffs for sure!" 

We even believed Jim Barnett, a Warriors' commentator, when he'd praise Adonal Foyle for being the best "screener" in the NBA, or Mike Dunleavy Jr. for having "superstar potential." Every summer we'd wait, on the edge of our seats, for the new season to begin. We'd tell each other ... "these roll-players are going to become superstars and we're going to make the playoffs next season!"

Although, we'd never make the playoffs we'd be so proud when our team beat the mighty Lakers or upset the Mavs in their building behind a heroic J-Rich performance or Jamison explosion.

We truly supported our team through thick and thin which makes this year's run sooooo sweet. 

After following Kobe and becoming obsessed with his game, I learned that he stole most of his moves from MJ which led me down the path of studying his career. I watched many of his old games and documentaries. He quickly became my second favorite player behind Kobe, even though he was retired. I never thought any team would come close to MJ's Bulls' 72 win season. Especially, not my Dubs who couldn't even get close to the playoffs for 12 straight seasons! 

To honor my team's historic accomplishment, I designed this fun poster. We just jumped over the Jumpman! Hopefully, we can go ... "back to back" too.